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Our Programme

Women of Impact is a 12-month training, mentorship and business accelerator programme which pairs social enterprises with professional service firms (corporate finance and commercial law firms) to serve as advisors and provide pro bono legal and business support. The programme was started to remove barriers to investment and business support that female “social/environmental” entrepreneurs encounter when trying to scale their enterprises.

Statistics show that women receive considerably lower-levels of investment in comparison to their male counterparts and that women have lower expectations for their business growth than men. The Women of Impact programme was set up to address these issues in three ways.

Business strategy & investment training

Practical pro bono legal support and financial advice

Mentoring and networking

How it works

Each year, Women of Impact programme staff shortlist a group of female-led businesses interested in participating in the programme. Corporate partners are then able to select which enterprises they would like to work with over the course of the year.

Firms select a team of individuals (between 4-8 people) within their organisation, who are able to provide practical support for the social entrepreneur over the course of 12 months. Normally teams are comprised of junior and senior female members of staff, although teams do include men.

Next, WOI staff, the social enterprise founder and the pro bono team meet and scope the engagement at the beginning of year. The pro bono team and the founder work together throughout the course of the year to complete agreed objectives.

Corporate teams and partner firms are also invited to attend and participate in the programme events and business development trainings throughout the year.


I would definitely recommend being part of the programme to colleagues. It provides a more rewarding mechanism for pro bono work, and I enjoy the longevity of the programme and getting to see the end-to-end impacts of our work.”

Weil Employee


Programme Overview

Quarter 1: Business Structure & Governance

  • Firms and enterprises develop a bespoke pro bono support plan over the course of the year

  • Firms discuss how to optimise  business structure  and governance with enterprises

Quarter 2: Measuring Impact & Building Networks

  • Firms continue to work on pro bono support plans

  • Firms are invited to attend annual networking drinks event.

Quarter 3: Resourcing & Investment Readiness

  • Firms continue to work on pro bono support plans

  • Firms provide bespoke feedback on business plans and financial model of enterprises

Quarter 4: Financial Resilience & Reflection

  • Firms finalise any remaining work on pro bono support plans

  • Firms finalise work with entrepreneurs to strengthen business plans

Why Join?

  • Increase your knowledge of social entrepreneurship and social impact work

  • Work on interesting pro bono matters

  • Cultivate cross-departmental collaboration and internal mentoring relationships

  • Network with other corporate firms participating in the programme

  • Improve cross-industry partnership skills

  • Improve employee engagement, CSR and diversity and inclusion across your firm

How to join?


If you are a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FIRM and would like to explore opportunities to mentor an enterprise, get in touch!

If you are a LAW FIRM and would like to discuss working with an enterprise as a pro bono client, get in touch!


Current Partners

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